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New Born Baby

By Darwin on 11:39 م

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Wow! we're too excited yesterday when my best friend erwin called me that her wife divina will deliver their first born baby . I was in the site doing my daily routine for safety inspection in Dubai Renaissance Hotel at Motor City , I'm conducting my safety inspection around 8 oclock in the morning. I started in the retaining wall area where my mens are working for polishing and grinding the wall but I ensure that they are working with complete Personal Protective Equipment like earmuff, gogles, face musk and hand gloves. During my inspection Erwin called me again that her wife will undergo caesarian and we're praying that the operation will be successful and the baby and her wife will be safe.....around 7 oclock PM when erwin called me again that that the baby was already delivered and here wife also is already resting in private room. Wow we're so thankful that everything have been succesfully done.I'm eager to visit the OASIS hospital just to see the new born baby and my friend of course. I immediately pack up my things in the office so that we can go home early and so that i can visit them. finally i saw the baby its really cute and he's awake that time... just see the picture ....

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wow cute baby

Posted on 4 مايو 2009 10:36 ص  

how cute the baby was
congrats to the parents
its nice to be here in your blog
would you mind for an exchange links?

Posted on 13 مايو 2009 7:51 م  

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