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Once upon a time in the beautiful paradise of Al Ain, there was a man who came to indulged the world of blogging. He actually came from the land of Philippines. Due to some personal reasons he traveled the other side of the globe and was lucky enough to land the amazing garden of Al Ain. He was now a certified safety dabster of Citiscape. He was a hardworking man who long to have a great future ahead with the love of his life. He was a great son, a great brother, a great friend and a great comrad! He was actually rolled into one equipped with all the good and bad sides of man. Here are some of his picture...

He was one of the nicest and dearest person I meet! As one of those people who care about him a wish him a great life ahead as we both travel along! Those photos you’ve seen are taken at work. Its obvious that he don’t love pictures of himself! :)

He was the naked safety dabster of Citiscape who wants to adopt change! Change for the better! Contact him to beautify your gardens! He’s an expert for that specially on safety rules. Watch out for more info’s about him! :)

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